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Best accessories to enhance your mobile gaming experience

25 Aug 2021 Developer News
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Consoles and PCs might still be the preferred options for seasoned gamers, but mobile phones have stepped up their game in the past few years. You can now play any game you’d like on your mobile, be it a well-known franchise or an indie project. Ready to take the experience to the next level? Check out these essential accessories to turn your phone into your go-to gaming platform.

Credit: Pixabay

Mobile controller

Controls can make all the difference between a good and a bad gaming experience. No matter how engaging the game is, it usually boils down to the controller you’re using. On the phone, touch controls have long been patchy or too unresponsive. Even though the touch screen has gradually improved, more and more gamers have turned to mobile controllers over the years. The good news is, the options abound.

Consoles such as the Xbox One already allow players to pair their controller with their phone via Bluetooth. But a new generation of mobile-specific controllers is coming. The most convenient model is probably the Razer Kishi Mobile, whose petite size fits all kinds of smartphones. For a trip down memory lane, nostalgia also hits hard with the retro feel of the Super Nintendo-style 8bitdo Gamepad and its throwback to the 90s.

Phone grip

Initially, phones weren’t meant to be held horizontally for an extended period of time. After playing for hours on end, the inevitable outcome usually comes in as a hand cramp. A controller is a good way to give your tired palms something to rest on. But if you play exclusively on your phone, you might not be too comfortable with a gamepad. No need to struggle to get a grip on a dual stick. You can go for a phone dock. 

Phone grips are compatible with the vast majority of smartphones, from Android to iPhones. Their ergonomic shape is perfect for long gaming sessions on your phone. Some models even include a built-in battery pack for maximum durability.

Phone stand

Sometimes your hands are just too sore, and even the lightest of phone grips is still too much to hold on to. That’s when a phone stand comes in handy. This accessory keeps your phone in place, at exactly the right angle. It also helps you keep your distance from the screen to rest your eyes. A handful of models can be folded once you stop using them, and easily carried in a backpack.


Games are meant to immerse you in another universe. Yet, that’s easier said than done if you’re playing on the bus or in the office. A good headset is the way to go. But it goes beyond quality audio. To make the most of your gaming experience, your headphones should be equipped with some game-oriented features. A solid directional sound system will enhance your skills in a first-person shooter game, while a built-in microphone is crucial to communicate with your mates in multiplayer mode. 

Some games require even more concentration. If you need some extra focus, go for noise-canceling headphones. This type of headset might be the ace up your sleeve for games of strategy or even mind-games, such as poker. There’s nothing as rewarding as analyzing your opponents’ behavior and calling out their bluff, provided you cut out the surrounding noise. Some online casinos even offer live poker sessions that are best experienced with sound. Live games are as engrossing as playing in a land-based casino, with all the perks of online casinos such as bonuses and quick deposits. You can interact with the other players in real-time, and make your move through voice commands. You’re just one headset away from getting engrossed in the atmosphere of an authentic casino!

Power bank

You don’t want to be cut out in the middle of a high-stake game, but your battery might think otherwise. There’s no such thing as gaming to drain your phone’s battery in no time. Since you won’t always find a plug nearby, you’d better carry around a portable charger. Power banks come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit all budgets. Ideally, it should be the same size as your phone, though. You can find light palm-sized models for less than $30.

Mobile gaming has massively improved over the years, attracting both hardened gamers and casual players. From mobile-specific controllers to headphones, the range of gaming accessories keeps on expanding. One thing’s for sure, there are bright days ahead for mobile gamers.

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