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Features of the Best Meeting Room Software

04 Sep 2021 Developer News
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Whether you work from home or are in the office, meetings are mandatory to ensure that things are running smoothly. Scheduling a successful meeting from start to finish involves a lot of logistics. There is usually back and forth with vendors and colleagues. Getting everything in order may take some hours to days.

All this can be made easy and quick using the Meeting room booking system. The software handles everything from booking a meeting room, inviting attendees to ordering equipment and catering services. A great meeting room software must have the following qualities;

Order Equipment and Service

Organizing a meeting is challenging in terms of what it needs. There is more than just acquiring the meeting space. Things like catering, refreshments, and equipment may be required to promote your presentation and have a successful meeting.

A good meeting software should give you booking options for A/V equipment, catering, and other relevant needs. After booking, the software should also send the orders to appropriate service providers for convenience.

Additionally, suitable software should notify the service providers immediately to avoid waste deliveries if the meeting time changes or gets canceled. It can also inform the attendees of the relevant changes made to the meeting.

Top-notch Desk Booking Capabilities

While real estate costs are increasing, businesses are trying to cut costs and maximize office space through desk sharing. A great meeting room software should allow you to book desks alongside meeting rooms for flexible working arrangements.

With a desk booking app, users can easily and quickly book a desk. It is also possible to book a desk from a mobile phone even before arriving at the office. The app also allows administrators to flag some desks as unavailable to ensure the workstations are adequately spaced out.

Can Integrate with Microsoft 365, Exchange, and Outlook

Microsoft Exchange, 365, and Outlook are familiar in working spaces. Suppose you are already using Outlook, Exchange, 365, or both, transition to software that integrates them all. This is one of the best methods to determine a great meeting room software.

Software that integrates Microsoft solutions ensures that your data is up to date and synchronized. Consequently, the software should be easier for the employees to handle because it extends the Microsoft Outlook interface.

User-friendly, Instinctive Interface

A great meeting room software must be user-friendly and intuitive. This promotes its successful implementation. Also, an intuitive user experience enhances employee productivity and encourages user adoption.

An intuitive and user-friendly software requires minimal effort and cost-driving implementation. It is relatively more straightforward for administrators to get acquainted with such software because of its interface and functionalities.

Continued use of the software lowers the costs even further because administrators and employers learn to use it more efficiently. That means the software will not break down easily or have multi-functions as a result of poor handling.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), On-Premises Options

Many organizations are running efficiently because they are using SaaS meeting room scheduling software. It is mainly the best choice because of reduced upfront costs. Maintenance and support are also included in the monthly subscription, and on top of that, the solution is scalable.

On-Premises software is proving to be a must-have for larger enterprises. This software helps the enterprises to have more control, added security, and full ownership of the business.

Evaluate Workspace Analytics and Generate Reports

A great meeting room software puts vast workspace information and data at the fingertips of administrators and employees. It helps them to track how office space is utilized. Also, the administrators get an insight into how the office layout or design may look in the future.

The meeting room software should be able to come up with comprehensive reports from the robust analysis. From that report and other relevant data, the software should allocate employees working space depending on activity. In short, excellent meeting room software should be able to carry analysis and space allocation itself.

Effortless Booking and Check-ins

A great software allows touchless booking and check-in via the no-touch check-in feature where staff scan a QR code. Staff members can scan the code to check in when accessing desks and reversed meeting spaces using a mobile phone. A company can affix the QR codes to bookable resources in the offices like conference rooms, equipment, and hot desks.

Users can scan the QR code using their mobile phones to check in or book resources without touching surfaces, especially shared ones. If, for instance, a person fails to check in to use their desk or meeting room, the software allows someone else to use the resource. So there are no chances for no-shows or ghosted meeting rooms.

Bottom Line

Thanks to resourcing central, finding an ideal desk or meeting space across multiple time zones or locations is possible. You can do that through a workspace booking app or directly from your computer.

Additionally, it is possible to book services or equipment at the same time. The software is flexible to any changes made on bookings. It goes ahead to update everything automatically and send information to relevant individuals.

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