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Download Minecraft PE 1.18, 1.18.0 and 1.18.1 for Android free

10 Sep 2021 Developer News
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Minecraft 1.18 is the second and final part of the major Caves and Cliffs update. This time, the developers of the Mojang studio delighted the fans of the Minecraft world with improved locations underground. This means that the entire content of the structures has completely changed significantly compared to previous versions of the Minecraft PE game:

It is also worth noting that it will now be extremely dangerous for players to travel and explore biomes underground. All this is due to the fact that a new monster will be added to the dungeons that have a unique appearance as well as new unique features that will make it easy to catch up with the player even in complete darkness and kill, the name of this monster is Warden.

In Minecraft PE 1.18, 1.18.0, and 1.18.1, this creature has many advantages over other mobs and in some cases even over the player. Intimidating appearance and strength allow you to terrify your victim. A fight with such an opponent will be very interesting and not easy at all.


As mentioned earlier, a new monster will be added to the Minecraft world, a creature that will spawn only in the underground biomes of your world. This is due to the fact that in Minecraft PE 1.18, 1.18.0, and 1.18.1, this monster does not have eyes and is oriented in space due to its hearing. The new mob follows the sounds, trying to track down its next victim. Complete blindness does not prevent Warden from being one of the most dangerous bosses in the Minecraft world.

Among the special skills of the Warden, it is worth noting his crushing strength and agility, increased sensitivity to the Sculk Sensor, enormous height and size, even larger than that of a village golem. It is better not to approach the Warden and try to avoid meeting him, especially if you are not ready for battle because the mob is able to eliminate the player in a matter of seconds. If you already decided to go into battle, then equip armor and weapons from Netherite.

Skulk block

It is these blocks that allow the aforementioned Warden creature to navigate the terrain and track down its prey with ease. In Minecraft PE 1.18, 1.18.0, and 1.18.1, the enemy is connected to the acoustic sensor by small antennas that rotate over the object. Likewise, the antennas are located on the head of the enemy. The skulk block is extremely sensitive to sound and vibrations around it.

Hint: Cover a certain object with sheep's wool and then the block will stop sending signals to its owner, and you will remain safe.

Lightning rod

In Minecraft PE 1.18, 1.18.0, and 1.18.1, a lightning rod helps prevent unwanted fires that may arise from a lightning strike to your house or some other object.

This item is created from several copper ingots. It is worth noting that if you place a lightning rod next to a reservoir, or directly in it, then the object will lose all its protective properties.

When lightning strikes the antenna, the unit starts emitting Redstone signals.

Pointed Dripstone

The Pointed Dripstone is very small in size. However, these clusters are capable of forming full-fledged structures, which in Minecraft PE 1.18, 1.18.0, and 1.18.1 are called stalactites and stalagmites, and they, in turn, pose a danger to players and other living beings.

To extract the Pointed Dripstone block, you need to use a simple pickaxe, it is better not to use other tools as they may be ineffective.

Download Minecraft PE 1.18, 1.18.0, and 1.18.1 for Android

Dangerous Warden, Pointed Dripstone, lightning rod, skulk block, and much more await you in the new update.

Download the full version of Minecraft PE 1.18, 1.18.0, and 1.18.1

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