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Top 5 Benefits of Using a Browser Video Editor

10 Sep 2021 Developer News
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For years, video editing has been a hobby and profession exclusive to those with vast levels of experience and expensive computer hardware. However, with the recent advances in cloud computing technology, online browser video editors have become increasingly popular.

Here’s how browser video editors like Flixier can help professionals improve their video output and allow complete beginners to edit their first videos with ease.

Many users are asking what free video editor to use. Flixer is the answer. Flixier is a free video editor that brings the best of cloud computing to users across the world – and is a pinnacle for browser video editors.

Harness the power of cloud servers

When using the Flixier online video editor, your session is powered by Flixier's powerful servers. These servers use enterprise processors and graphics cards, allowing you to edit and render your videos smoothly without spending any money on a computer upgrade.

This removes one of video editing’s biggest barriers to entry. Desktop video editing apps require expensive computer hardware to deliver a smooth experience for video editing and encoding. As the editor is streamed from a server across the web to your PC, your experience instead relies on a decent internet connection. This means you can use old laptops, tablets or even a mobile phone to edit your videos.

Lightning quick render times

As apps like Flixier use data centers and not your device for video encoding, users can benefit from stupidly fast render times. None of the video decoding and encoding is handled by your system, making professional editing accessible to those using slow laptops and desktops.

Flixier has created a unique method for rendering video and exporting directly to social media platforms. They've been able to decimate video encoding speeds, and users can enjoy render times of as little as 1 minute for short videos. Whereas longer videos of 1-2 hours can be exported in around 3 minutes.

For the uninitiated, desktop editing apps can take hours to render videos depending on your computer hardware. Using Flixier results in drastic improvements in efficiency and video output. Flixier users like Steve Mastroianni from say the online video editor has “tripled [his] video output’.

Access your Projects from Any Device from Anywhere

Prepare for true remote working. Fancy editing your feature film from your laptop on the beach instead of using your studio editing rig? With browser video editors, you can get your work done wherever there’s a solid internet connection. This affords lots of flexibility and professional video editors appreciate not having to lug around their expensive workstations on trips.

Furthermore, the cloud storage model for handling video projects allows editors to use any device to edit their videos. You can easily switch machines when you’re ready to go on the move, and all your work will be saved to the cloud ready to access.

They’re easy to use

Flixier is designed to be easy to use and benefits from a shallow learning curve. The interface is intuitive and straightforward, and for absolute beginners, Flixier offers some tutorials to get you started.

Preset templates simplify the editing process, and adding text and subtitles to videos is super simple with this online video editor. Using browser-based video editors like Flixier eliminates the need for a professional video editor as you can easily create great-looking content on your own.

Free to try, affordable to use

Flixier is free to edit and try, with the Free tier offering users 20GB of cloud storage and 10 minutes of export time to play with. Videos with the free tier are watermarked, although these aren’t too obtrusive and are fine for personal videos.

If you’d prefer to forgo the watermarks, the Creator tier is $10 a month. This gives you 300 minutes of export time a month and a max resolution of 1080p. When compared to the cost of buying a new editing rig on top of the cost of a subscription to desktop apps like Adobe’s Creative Cloud, Flixier is a surprisingly affordable video editing subscription.

Furthermore, video professionals will be saving time using Flixier, improving their revenue by cutting downtime – further improving the cost to benefit ratio of using the service.


Browser video editors are now good enough to entirely replace desktop programs like Premiere Pro. For those wondering what video editor to use, Flixier is by far the best free video editor. Head over to to get started right away and join the cloud video editing revolution.

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