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Water damage to the cell phone: What can be done?

15 Sep 2021 Developer News
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It can happen quickly that the smartphone falls into the water. It can be a sink, lake, cocktail or toilet water. Most of the time, the phone can be saved and dried without damage. Most of the time. Depending on how long the cell phone was in the water and whether it gets inside, water damage can also be the result. It is best to stay calm and act immediately to save the cell phone and data. For this, there are helpful measures that can help against water damage. In the following, you will learn what you can do after water damage to your cell phone.

Get the cell phone out of the water

If the smartphone has fallen into the water, it is important to act quickly. It should be taken out of the water as soon as possible. Under no circumstances should the cell phone be left in the toilet, sink or liquid for any length of time. Furthermore, it is important that the smartphone remains switched off. The cell phone is then placed on paper towels. If the cell phone was turned on before the water damage, it must be turned off in any case. This will prevent a possible short circuit and other damage.

Remove detachable parts of the cell phone

The next step is to disassemble the extracted smartphone. To do this, detachable parts are removed in just a few steps. If possible, the back cover is opened. The SIM and SD cards as well as the battery are also removed. The device can be disassembled further. But this step might lead to further damage. Furthermore, the warranty will be voided in this case. Disassembling the phone should only be done if you are very familiar with it. If you are looking for professional help, you should turn to an expert. The expert will reliably take care of the display glass replacement, repair and/or battery or water damage.

Drying the cell phone

The disassembled cell phone must be dried. With a clean towel or kitchen paper, all cell phone parts are carefully dabbed. Thanks to the kitchen paper, the water is absorbed. Careful drying prevents the water from getting inside the device. Then let the phone dry for a while - in rice, for example, as this will also draw the remaining liquid out of the device.

Silica gel and repair kits

To rid the smartphone of moisture, silica gel is also suitable. Silica gel, which is also called silica gel, is an effective remedy for water damage. The beads in the white packets can be found in the packaging of new electrical appliances or new shoes. If you already have silica gel at home, put it in an airtight envelope with your cell phone. Alternatively, smartphone salvage repair kits are a good choice. Many cell phone manufacturers sell rescue kits that also contain silica gel. Having repair kits handy at all times can help in the event of water damage.

Air dry your cell phone

There are some things to avoid after water damage. Do not connect the cell phone to a power outlet or other devices via charging cable. To prevent water from getting into the device, no buttons other than the off button should be pressed. In addition, shaking the phone is not advisable, as the movements tend to move the water further inside the phone. Hair dryer, sun, oven, microwave and heater are not suitable for drying the device.

Assemble smartphone and turn on

A smartphone dries in the air for at least one to two days. After that, put the phone together and turn it on. If it works, drying has helped. Testing all functions such as the speaker, display, keys and microphone is also recommended. If the smartphone does not work after drying, you should contact an expert.

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