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Best Quiz Apps that help You in KBC Offline Quiz

11 Mar 2022 Developer News
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KBC Offline Quiz
KBC Offline Quiz

There are so many quizzes that you can play online as well as online and win real cash rewards for free and sometimes you have to pay. However, most of these are free and there are certain reasons for that. KBC Offline Quiz is one of them and you can win cash prizes.

This is a quite famous show that you can watch on TV in India. Further, this show is hosting a very famous Indian actor and many people have won cash prizes from the show. The best part of the trivia is that they are offering a huge cash prize for the winners.
KBC Offline Quiz
That is the reason why people are taking more interest in KBC trivia. However, they ask quite difficult questions and you might need lots of preparation for that. There are so many websites and apps that you can use for preparation or practice offline.

So, in this article, I am going to share the 5 best apps for you to prepare yourself for KBC Offline Quiz. You will find these apps quite informative and useful. If you are online and want to get instant answers, then I would suggest you visit here KBC Offline Quiz Answers Today.

Best KBC Offline Quiz Preparation Apps

If you think you are someone who has lots of knowledge, then you can earn cash or win different kinds of rewards. So, here are so many quizzes or trivia platforms where you can participate and win amazing rewards. However, if you are not then you need to read this article.

Because in this article, I am going to share a treasure with you that will help you to win a huge cash prize from the KBC. KBC is a show in India that stands for Kaun Banega Crorepati. Although it is an Indian program but famous all over the world and people love the show.

They ask different kinds of questions in the program that are related to different topics. These include politics, social, entertainment industry, and many more. So, you need to be prepared for these topics and must have knowledge about famous celebrities in different topics.
Image of KBC Offline Quiz
Moreover, these questions are based on MCQs. So, you need to select the correct answer. There will be so many questions you will have to answer. Then gradually the amount of the prize will be increased. If you want to win more money, they must answer the questions.

The best part of the show is that they offer help or clue options. You can take help from the audience or family members. So, in that essence, you can make calls as you are allowed to do so. However, you will only have either one clue or two. So, you cannot avail of it again and again.

So, here I am going to share some of the best apps that you can use for preparation. These are also helpful for other trivia shows or quizzes. However, there are no such apps specifically designed for the KBC but these can give you a lot of Knowledge. I am sharing the 5 best apps with you.


Jeopardy is an app that you can install on your smartphones and practice various kinds of quizzes. Even you will find hundreds of MCQs in different categories and topics. So, find the ones that you are looking for and do some practice with already solved questions.


Psych is a platform where you can find quizzes on different topics. You will have some MCQs that is solved but you can also play games. Open any game and you will get the MCQs, then you need to answer them. But if you will not get answers directly.

However, you also have an option to directly read the answers and remember them. You can install the app on your smartphones and enjoy these questions. It is one of the best options for those who want to participle in the KBC.

Trivia Star

Trivia can be used as an alternative term for the quiz. So, there are so many games or apps and Trivia Star is one of them. It is designed for mobile phones and you can create an account and learn the MCQs available on the app. Further, you can have trivia games to play and learn.

KBC Offline Quiz App

You can hardly find specific apps to prepare offline for KBC quizzes. But KBC Offline Quiz App is one of the rare apps that you can use to prepare for the quiz. It is an application developed for Android mobile phones and tablets. They further share graphical content as well.

Trivia 360

If you are looking for an app to play trivia games for free, then Trivia 360 can be the best choice for you. Because there are multiple kinds of games that you can play but along with that you can learn. So, it allows you to learn and practice for quizzes while entertaining you.


The apps that I have discussed above are legal and safe. So, you must try them from the official App Stores. However, there are several websites where you can learn about such quizzes in detail. Even I have mentioned one of those pages in the article.

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