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5 Most Popular Android Apps in Australia

21 Nov 2022 Developer News
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5 Most Popular Android Apps in Australia
5 Most Popular Android Apps in Australia

These days smartphones are things we simply can’t live without. Life has been a lot easier since the development of new technologies. There are thousands of apps online which help you function efficiently and keep track of the world around you.

Our life these days depends on many apps. There are several apps that we need in daily life. Our mobile phone is a solution to half of our problems. Whether it be a trip to a new place or window shopping from your room, apps on your phone always help you out.

Australia is a popular destination for students, the labor force, and tourists. If you are one of them or planning to take the Australian citizenship test, a significant step of the citizenship application, and are in Australia or visiting Australia shortly, here we have listed the top 5 apps the Australians use :

QLD Traffic

Australias have a busy schedule and it’s always so much better when we know the destination and the road to the destination as well. QLD Traffic on google play is among the most popular apps in Australia.

The app is a complete update on the traffic conditions around Australia. This app can help you find, plan and stay up-to-date with the traffic conditions around Australia.

Merge Master-Dinosaur Fusion

Australians seem to play games a lot. Merge Master is a puzzle-solving app available in the google play store. This app is about merging various kingdoms and puzzles with a fantastic storyline. It can be a good app for time passing and especially kids will enjoy it.

My GovID

The Australian government always looks out for its citizens. My GovID is an app owned by the government. The name itself is clear that this is an app related to government works in Australia.

The main use of this app is to provide the citizens with a secure way to access online government services.

Airport Security

People feel very tired of the airport hassle that they have to follow during travels. Airport security is one of the most popular apps in Australia. 

Airport Security is your full up-to-date details of the flight and the terminals or any transits you need to follow. It is like a security check before the actual security check.

Tik Tok

No wonder, TikTok has taken the internet by storm. Tik Tok is now one of the most famous apps all over the world. Australians like to have fun and lip-sync their favorite clips. The Tik Tok app is also one of the most used by Australians.

Tik Tok is an app where you can make lip-sync videos on different audios and songs. It is an entertainment platform where people from all over the world make short videos. This app is taking heights these days.

Many other similar Apps like Disney+, Netflix, and many more are also popular among many Australian citizens. Whether you have passed the citizenship test or if you are planning to pass it and settle in Austrian or visit Australia for a vacation then do check out the top five apps mentioned above.

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