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The 4 Best Streaming Platforms on iPhone

26 Nov 2022 Developer News
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Streaming, whether live or recorded, has become the most dominant way to consume video content, which is why traditional terrestrial channels have created their own digital platforms. There are countless streaming apps out there, and we’re not only talking about mainstream giants like Hulu, Netflix, and HBO. Niche video platforms give a platform for content creators, but some are better than others. If you’ve got an iPhone, here are the best video streaming platforms. 


The nanoStream app is a fantastic tool for live streaming on iPhone. It has an incredible bitrate of 7.5 Mbits per second and it supports true HD live, which is good news. We have included this platform first because it has plenty of unique features including integration with drones and other external cameras. Additionally, nanoStream is able to deliver high-quality videos at lighting speeds, thanks to its global CDN


We have included Kavarii for anyone interested in blockchain technology and Web 3.0. Instead of having a dedicated app, Kavarii is accessible using a web browser - making it simple to set up. Kavarii boasts of being the first decentralized content-creation platform and promotes full freedom of speech (as long as it’s legal). Creators on this platform own their videos through NFT tech and are incentivized by crypto payments, which are paid directly to a digital wallet. If you want to get involved, Kavarii is a layer2 project on the Elrond Network, which can be bought for ETH or Bitcoin using

Larix Broadcaster

Larix Broadcaster, created by Softvelum, is a great tool for creating professional videos. Access to the app is completely free and it’s super simple to get set up, which makes it a fan favorite among iPhone users. The creation tools support front and rear cameras and RTMPS, making it perfect for creating live streams. 

Naturally, there are a couple of pitfalls including the lack of aspect ratio adjustments. Further, the platform feels basic when compared to other content-creating platforms. Finally, live streaming from two cameras at once is impossible, which may not suit every creator’s tastes. 

Wirecast Go

Built by Telestream, Wire Go is a brilliant platform with plenty of special features. For example, after you have created content you can layer your video with watermarks for easy identification, which helps to prevent copyright issues. Further, while you are live streaming videos, you can get involved with your audience by using the handy chat functions. 

As well as the Wirecast Go app, Telestream released the Wirecast Cam, which lets you hook your iPhone up to a desktop for even more streaming options. If you are trying to get into content creation on a budget, this is a great alternative to investing in dedicated webcams. 

Take Away

Video content is the king of the internet recently, leaving more people looking for great streaming platforms on iPhones. Whether you’re looking for Web3 programs or niche centralized streaming apps, you will find it all on the iOS store or web browser. 

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