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100 Balls app review: a simple game about timing and precision



There are millions of different games in the App Store at the moment, and most of them are simply trying to do something to dumb-down civilization. I am getting really tired of all the apps that try to copy each others' ideas and try to make money over the back of costumers who simply consume and  vegetate playing games that don’t offer anything. This is completely different with 100 Balls.

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This game is very cleverly designed and actually trains specific motor skills. The developer of the game, Giedrius Talzunas, has actually succeeded to combine two very important skills into one game, which are timing and precision. The app is designed for both iPad and iPhone and is less than 4 MB.

100 Balls



The gameplay is deceptively simple: you control a valve and you need to let balls fall through a gap to fill rotating cups. You start with a hundred balls but as soon as you start spilling, you will lose balls. If you don’t fill a cup, you will lose it. When all your balls are gone, or when you lose all your cups the game will be over. When you correctly fill cups and match colors of balls with the color of cups (especially in higher levels, which are a huge challenge), you can get huge score bonuses. A game will not likely take a lot longer than five minutes, unless you have become an expert in distributing balls.

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Graphics and Sound

This is one of those rare games that doesn’t need fancy graphics to stand out. The developer must have known this and has opted to go for a more abstract graphic style. This means a very basic black background and simple graphics for both the balls and the cups. The sounds fits really well too, and even though it’s a bit nerve-wracking, the sounds can really help you to time your valve opening skills. You can buy a full-screen version of the game, which will make the game look more crisp, but this will cost you $0.99. 


 It's all about precision
It's all about precision

100 Balls


Pros and Cons


  • A great game to train your timing and precision
  • An abstract graphics style that fits well with the gameplay
  • Very addictive



  • I have nothing bad to say about this game


And colors!
And colors!


100 balls is one of these games that you will start playing and a few hours later you will ask yourself where your time has gone. The gameplay is really well-designed and the scoring system will constantly have you try again to beat your own high score, and those of your friends! The game has an abstract graphic style, which fits really well with the games gameplay. The sound of the game can help you get better, while it can be a little bit nervous sometimes. The app is developed for both iPad and iPhone and is less than 4 MB.


100 Balls

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