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Pregnancy Glow app review: learn about your pregnancy and keep track of your progress



Being pregnant is one of the most wonderful times of any woman’s life but it’s also one of the scariest – there are just so many questions that accompany any pregnancy. Educating yourself on the whole process can be a great comfort and the Pregnancy Glow app is a great place to start – not only does this app provide some great educational tools, it also allows you to keep track of your pregnancy’s progress. This is a free app and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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Pregnancy Glow


Positively Glowing

As is the case with so many other areas of daily life, the App Store is full of tools that can assist in making pregnancy a more enjoyable experience. There are all kinds of educational apps, due date calculators, and apps for tracking the progress of your pregnancy so Pregnancy Glow has a lot of competition in this category. How does it stack up? It actually combines educational information with some tracking tools which helps it to stand out from the pack.

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There are a couple of issues though that prevents this app from being a complete success. First off, it does have the tendency to freeze on occasion for no particular reason. This seems to happen when you try to exit tools to return to the main screen – it just doesn’t react to tapping on the back button. When this happened I had to completely exit the app and start over. The other problem with this app is that it appears just a bit disorganized. The developers have tried to make the user interface as cute as possible and it is appealing to the eye, but this is actually a little distracting when you’re trying to find a particular tool – at the very least it would have benefited from a good set of instructions.  This app will require 10.8 MB of available space on your iOS device. 

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How it Works

This app really does have an eye catching user interface. There are basically two ways of interacting with the app, you can either tap on the information balloons that contain links to each category or you can tap on the settings menu which is accessed by tapping on the picture of a pregnant woman’s stomach and navigate around the app from there. The settings menu method is more reliable as tapping on a balloon often causes the app to freeze up.

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There are some great tools in this app including a due date calculator, a section called my bump where you can store the most recent ultrasound image of your baby, a section for recording the changes in your measurements as the pregnancy progresses, and a great educational section as well. If it wasn’t for the constant need to restart the app because of its tendency to freeze up this really would be an easy one to recommend.

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Pregnancy Glow


Pros and Cons


  • Eye catching user interface
  • Combines great educational tools and tracking tools in one app


  • User interface is a little disorganized
  • App has a tendency to freeze up

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

Pregnancy Glow is an app that has a lot going for it – it boasts an eye catching user interface and a lot of great tools. There are educational sections as well as a great set of tracking tools included in the app. Unfortunately it freezes up far too often which really detracts from its overall appeal. If the developers can work out the kinks this has the potential to be a great app.

Pregnancy Glow

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