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10K Runner app review: go from zero to 5K and from 5K to 10K-2021



Whether you’ve never run a yard in your life or you’ve run your first 5K and are looking to work towards achieving a 10K, you’ll find everything you need in this 10K runner app which is an awesome running app for iPhone and iPad devices.  This accurate iPhone running app will instruct, guide, and motivate you like nothing else.

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I’m a big fan of health and fitness apps that pave the way for a beginner to achieve great things in a relatively short period of time. This kind of program is far removed from the wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am approach you often see in “7-minute workout” apps and the like. 

Furhermore, the developers continuously work on fixing any crashes, bugs or instability issues. They show a commitment to providing the best app possible.

Continue reading this 10K Runner app review to see why I love this running app. Also, check out our running apps list for more great options.

10K Runner, Couch to 10K Run


Couch to 10K In Just a Few Months

10K Runner: 0 to 5K to 10K run training has been designed to provide a two-step approach, first getting you up off the coach and achieving your first 5K run, and secondly helping you to go even further until you can run 10K six weeks after that.

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The program appears to have been designed with very realistic expectations from people, and the runs are set up so that you alternate between running and walking. This is a great way of helping your body to adapt so you don’t wind yourself from day one and don’t end up with shin splints or something equally as unpleasant.

Couch to 10K In Just a Few Months image

Share Your Victories Online

This app offers full support for music playback and GPS apps that enable you to track your progress on a map in real time. This means that you can use Nike+, RunKeeper, and any other similar app seamlessly in conjunction with 10K Runner while listening to your favorite tracks from your iTunes Music Library.

What’s more, you can also earn wins, badges, and achievements by completing sessions and making progress. Any wins and badges you earn can also be shared with your friends and family online via Facebook and Twitter. 

For people pursuing a serious approach to healthcare, this accurate running app is integrated with Apple Health for Calorie calculation & saving workouts. This app is proudly associated with several charitable organizations and has been awarded as the Best 5K Training App, Best Running App, Editor's Choice and more.

Share Your Victories Online image

10K Runner, Couch to 10K Run


Pros and Cons


  • Featured in CBS, CNN, Fox, USA Today, Times, Fitness Channel, and many more
  • Go from zero to 5K within just eight short weeks
  • Go from 5K to 10K within just another six short weeks
  • Enjoy professional guidance from the audio coach
  • Works seamlessly with other music apps so that you can listen to your favorite songs while running
  • Compatible with Nike+, RunKeeper, MapMyRun, and many more
  • Receive wins, badges, and achievements by completing runs and making consistent progress
  • Share your wins and badges with others online via Facebook and Twitter
  • Receive regular motivational quotes
  • Join the online 10K Runner community on Facebook
  • Contains loads of instructions and information to help beginners get up to speed in no time at all
  • Includes links to stretching and warm up videos


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

I’m confident that with the right mindset you could get to 10K in the prescribed time with 10K Runner: 0 to 5K to 10K run training, so I would very strong recommend downloading it on your iPhone and iPad, staying consistent with the plan, and seeing the results for yourself!

10K Runner, Couch to 10K Run

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