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CONtv app review: get your inner geek excited as long as you don't live in Canada 2021



CONtv comics app for iPhone and iPad is an app for comics to help you get your fix for all things comic related.

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This app for manga the first digital destination devoted to fandom that instantly streams videos of genre movies, tv shows, and live panels straight from the convention to your device providing a virtual Comic Con experience. Continue reading our review to see if this is one of the best comic apps

CONtv + Comics


Conventions Anywhere

CONtv will help you participate in Comic Con even if you can’t get time off work to travel. Through this app, you can stream the videos of genre movies, TV shows, and live panels straight from the convention to your device. You can now easily view what you want to see and hear anytime, anywhere.

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In addition to this great service, they have made it very user-friendly. You can browse and search with ease to binge-watch your favorite series.

You can find the content from the Wizard World Conventions and get premiere access to original programming, celebs, sneak peeks, cosplay, goods, discounts, and more from the more than 25 Comic Cons nationwide.

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Need More Convincing

If that didn’t convince you to download the app to give it a try then CONtv will dive deep into cult classics like Godzilla, He-man & Masters of the Universe, and Voltron. It’ll also give you a close up study of popular anime titles like Digimon and Yu-Gi-Oh and so much more.

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When I told my son about the anime section, he was excited. He’s been a fan of what my husband and I affectionately call kid anime from birth thanks to his dad.

You start with kid anime and you only get more involved. He has loved watching and reading the information that the app has for Digimon and Yu-Gi-Oh, and even learned a few things that he hadn’t caught onto in the 10 times he has watched the series through and through.

As a parent, I liked that he was reading and not just watching the episodes over again. He always has something new to tell me after watching the episodes, but it was nice to hear him engaging even more with the story and history that is woven in there.

Need More Convincing image

CONtv + Comics


Pros & Cons


  • Free app
  • Lots and lots of content to browse through
  • Interviews, panels, TV show streaming, in-depth study of cult classics


  • Not available in Canada

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

CONtv is an iPhone and iPad app that will have your inner geek jumping for joy. Virtually attend any of the nationwide Comic Con events, view and listen to live panels, stream your favorite TV shows, and delve deeper into cult classics.

It’s an excellently designed app, but I wish it was available in Canada. There is a huge fandom here too, and they would really benefit from opening it up to the audience here as well.

CONtv + Comics

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