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--- Special release price 50% off! --- Stream was created to give you a seamless listening, managing and syncing cloud music experience. It allows you to create a personal streaming service with cloud storage like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Yandex.Disk to save space on your device and have access to all of your music. How it works? Upload all music to your favourite cloud storage then use Stream to connect and enjoy your music anywhere. Add your music to your device without iTunes, easy and fast using local WiFi transfer or download music to your iPhone to play it without internet (Offline mode). It’s a multi-cloud system therefore you can stream lists of music regardless where they are stored. Access your favourite music across all your devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod library, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Yandex.Disk and your computer. Stream your music with in advanced and powerful media player. App Features: - Full iOS9, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Support! Music player: - Full featured media player - Sleep timer - Lock screen playback controls - Background music playback - Equalizer with BassBooster - Over 20 realistic EQ presets - Stylish audio Visualizer - Fine scrubbing - Album cover art Playlists: - Create your own playlists Media Library: - Import music from your iPod library - Tabs for Songs, Albums, Artists Manager: - Wi-Fi Transfer - Download and upload music, pictures, archives from - Box - Dropbox - Google Drive - OneDrive - Yandex.Disk - Move, rename or delete tracks & songs - Search by artist, title, album - Create and manage folders
Doppi lets you browse and play your music downloaded from iTunes.• Beautifully simple interface • Up Next: see and edit upcoming tracks • Instant Playlist: be a DJ and queue music for laterNo cloud noise. Just you and your synced music in a beautiful interface built for browsing.▷ Built for Browsing Browse your artists, albums and songs quickly and easily, and if you'd rather search, just pull down on the Library to invoke it.Enjoy big, beautiful art on your albums as you scroll through them, and see all the albums and songs of the same artist in a useful two-axis view.▷ Up Next and Instant Playlist See and edit the songs that will play next on the Up Next list. And add songs for later with Instant Playlist – just tap any Add (+) button.You can also play and shuffle an artist's collection or an album from the Library with their embedded Play buttons, and if you long-press them (or the Add buttons), you'll see more choices.▷ Simple design Every screen on Doppi has been carefully considered to be as intuitive and useful as they could be – design is how it works. But also how it looks: pleasant contrasts between content and background, text and whitespace, light and dark, motion and stillness, make Doppi a joy to use.
AboutiMproGuitar makes learning the improvisation method of Guitar playing simple. Ever wonder what key the song is in? Ever wonder how to Jam along with a song or some musicians but don't know where to begin? iMproGuitar takes you through an 'easy-to-learn' technique. What You Will LearniMproGuitar shows you how to master five simple patterns on the guitar fretboard - you will be able to jam with any song or musician and work out the key of any song in no time!Ideal ForiMproGuitar is ideal for the guitarist who has mostly only learnt to play chords and wants to quickly learn to run their fingers up and down the fretboard like a pro. 90% visual learning - live video, animation and a practice pad to get you started!***Note*** Images, videos and animations are presented for 'right-hand' (pick hand) guitar playing.
Wilsonic is your portal to new musical universes. Ervin Wilson's 65 years of tuning research and discovery are now at your fingertips. By touching, hearing, and feeling Wilson's designs you can intuitively break free of the limits of the 12 note scale used by historical musical instruments such as the piano and guitar to pioneer new music never-before heard by mankind.No previous knowledge of music theory is required. These tonal worlds are based on an entirely unique mode of thought that has little to do with historical musical thinking. The app features Wilson's most profound scale designs. Your hands and ears naturally find new melodic patterns and harmonies that touch on those feelings and emotions you couldn't find before. When you find that perfect scale export it as a Scala file to tune up your favorite software synthesizers. Share your favorite scales with your friends. This version of Wilsonic has the scales "Moments Of Symmetry", Co-Prime Grid, Tetrany Major, Hexany, Tetrany Minor, Mandala (Hexany Stellate), Tetradic Diamond, Hexany Diamond, Aggregate Rotations of Euler Genus 4, Eikosany, Partch 43, Harmonic Spiral, Highland Bagpipes, and Recurrence Relations.Wilsonic is Audiobus 2.3.x compatible.