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Whoever said that studying had to be a chore? With the LANGE Q&A Obstetrics & Gynecology app, you have the power to turn study time into play time. Tired of lugging around heavy textbooks and review guides? Let this app lighten your load. With questions and detailed answers covering topics included in the USMLE Step 2 and Ob-Gyn clerkship exams, this app is a great place to start your test prep. This starter pack app includes 135 questions organized into 26 categories from infertility to embryology to teratology as well as a comprehensive practice test to allow for accurate self-assessment. Test your overall knowledge by answering randomly generated questions from all 26 categories or target areas of weakness by focusing on a specific category. Need a more intensive review? Then download the complete set of 1,000+ board-style questions and answers by making an in-app purchase for $37.99. This dynamic app also allows users to flag questions as they go, thus allowing for easier review of problem areas. Users can even create a quiz composed solely of these flagged questions. Detailed analytics allows users to review their quiz history and statistics like their weekly progress. Users will also discover their category strength and weaknesses. By offering a rigorous review of key pediatric concepts and facts, this app gives users the knowledge they need to master the USMLE Step 2 and Ob-Gyn boards and begin rewarding professional careers. About the Authors:Vern L. Katz, MD Clinical Professor Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Oregon Health Science University Medical Director, Perinatal Services Sacred Heart Medical Center Eugene, OregonSharon Phelan, MD Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology School of Medicine Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology University of New Mexico Albuquerque, New MexicoVicki Mendiratta, MD Associate Professor Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology University of Washington School of Medicine Seattle, WashingtonRoger P. Smith, MD The Robert A. Munsick Professor of Clinical Obstetrics & Gynecology Director, Medical Student Education Director, Division of General Obstetrics & Gynecology Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Indiana University School of Medicine Indianapolis, IndianaHave a question or would like to share your feedback? Please send us an email at: [email protected]
Solve thousands of clues in the biggest and best crossword puzzle ever! Now you can enjoy a new crossword challenge every day with this giant collection of 100s of original puzzles.There are over 10,000 unique clues to solve as well as dozens of quests to complete and trophies to collect!Choose from EIGHT game modes: ■ WORLD'S BIGGEST Crossword Explore a giant grid of over 350 crossword puzzles. The classic puzzle enjoyed by millions of players worldwide. ■ WORLD'S TALLEST Crossword A new collection of 100 extra-large puzzles - bigger grids, longer words, tougher clues! How high can you build the tower? ■ DAILY DIAMOND Crossword Earn extra rewards with a snack-sized bonus puzzle each day. ■ CODEWORDS Puzzle Decipher the code to complete the crossword grid. Each square is marked with a number corresponding with one letter of the English alphabet. Look for patterns and use your powers of deduction to complete the grid! ■ WORD GRID Puzzle Slide the tiles from the edge of the grid into the blank squares to spell out words. Unlike a normal crossword, there are no clues so instead you'll have to use logic to choose between the available letters for each square. ■ QUOTE FALLS Puzzle Place the letter tiles from each column into the correct squares on the grid to spell out a famous quotation! ■ BRITISH CRYPTICS Crossword The ultimate challenge - cryptic crosswords use their own obscure rules to hide the answer in the clue, using anagrams, double meanings, and a host of other subtle tricks. If you're completely stumped on a clue, you can swap it out for an easier, non-cryptic version. ■ FACT OF THE DAY Curious facts to puzzle the mind!Complete all the challenges to earn the title of Crossword Superstar! + Solve all 10,000+ clues + Complete all 950+ puzzles + Collect all 45 trophies + Complete all 57 quests + Unlock all 10 achievements SUPPORTPlease select the [HELP] option from the Pause Menu (the gear icon at the top-right of the game screen) if you require assistance.If you require further assistance or are unable to access the in-game help, you can contact us via email: [email protected]'s Biggest Crossword is free to play, but contains optional paid items to unlock content more quickly. You can disable in-app purchase functionality in your device's settings if you do not want to use this feature.Follow us for more games and the latest news: /bigpuzzles on Facebook and @bigpuzzles on Twitter.
The best crossword apps for iPhone
A true and totally 3D free app for studying human anatomy, built on an advanced interactive 3D touch interface. It is completely free (NO in-app purchase)! ***From the creator of Visual Anatomy app.Features: - You can rotate models to any angle and zoom in and out
 - Easy to navigate and explore human body
 - Virtual dissection: Peel layers of muscles and reveal the anatomical structures below them.
 - 3D location quizzes to test your knowledge
 - Switch on/off different anatomy systems 
- Load and Save Views ( bookmaker function )
 - Both male and female reproductive systems are available 
- Latin name - Support French, Spanish and German languages! - Audio pronunciation for all bone namesContents: - 3D Skeleton (all bones in our body)
 - 3D Ligaments - 3D Muscles - 3D Respiratory system
 - Circulation (heart) 
- Nervous System (brain)
 - 3D Reproductive system (male and Female) 
- 3D Urinary system - 3D ear
GPB Sports: Football is your home for Georgia High School Sports! Starting with the 2016 Corky Kell Classic and all the way through the 2016 state championship games, Georgia Public Broadcasting will bring you live football action, up to date scores, team rankings, sports news and much more.Keep track of your favorite teams and rivals all at a glance. •Scores from around the state •Full season schedules for all Georgia teams •Featured live-streaming GPB games of the week •Latest Georgia high school football news and blogs •Weekly rankings for all 7 classifications•Check out your team's information including: •Schedule •Ranking •Classification •Region •School Location •Team Helmet •Historical Records•Find the nearest games and schools from your current location •Share your photos and scores from the game right to Twitter, and see what everyone else is saying about the game!
*****SALE 50% OFF For Limited Time Only********** OVERVIEW: Visual Muscles 3D is an image-based 3D interactive reference, and education tool. It has more than 500 high-resolution images. All are generated from virtual 3D muscle models. It covers 145 major muscles including both deep and superficial muscles with name, action, origin, insertion and nerve supply. It also include pronunciation guide for each muscle. In addition, more than 200 position quizzes are also included in this app. You can find out how fast you can identify the correct muscle location by given a muscle name. The 3D add-on allows you to rotate the model to view the virtual models in the different angles.LANGUAGE: English, French, Spanish and GermanUSES: This app’s primary use is as a learning tool but can also be used for any professional who needs the occasional reminder. Additionally, this app is ideal for physicians, educators or professionals, allowing them to visually show detailed areas to their patients or students - helping to educate or explain conditions, ailments and injuries.FEATURES: •High-resolution images. •Pinch Zoom (allow you to use two finger to zoom in/out images). •Audio: Pronunciation guide for each muscle. •Position quiz with a timer. •Interactive muscle highlighting tool (allow you to clearly see each muscle). •3D rotational viewer. •Quick Navigation - jump to a different region by selecting the thumbnail. •Muscle list and search functions. •No internet connection is required. •Free periodic updates. HOW TO USE: The user is presented with high-quality 3D muscles images. The user can zoom in to any area by using two fingers to zoom in (pinch zoom) or tapping on the zoom in button and using the single finger panning function. The feature point (pin icon) can be selected by tapping on it and muscle is highlighted. Single muscle button can switch to the single muscle view mode. 3D mode button allows you to switch on/off the 3D rotational view mode. Detail button allows you to see the information of muscle name, action, origin, insertion and nerve supply.Quiz instruction You first press cross to select the muscle matched with the target muscle name (display in the text bar and pinch zoom is allowed). Then press the “Done” button to confirm your selection or wait for the time-out. Press “Next” button to go the next quiz.FEEDBACK: I'm open to suggestions so don't hesitate to send me an e-mail if you have some feedbacks.
*¡Aprender o mejorar tu inglés, a pesar de tener poco tiempo, es posible!** Gracias a un método eficaz, memorizarás en tiempo récord un contenido práctico con vocabulario y frases útiles. Aprendiendo e interactuando con diferentes diálogos, desarrollarás tu comprensión oral rápidamente.Un método basado en estudios científicos y concebido por nuestro equipo de políglotas provenientes de los 5 continentes, que han estado bajo la supervisión de un profesor de inglés. Para conocer más acerca de nuestras aplicaciones y de nuestro método para aprender inglés, te invitamos a ver nuestro vídeo explicativo:¿Sabías que unas 500 palabras bien seleccionadas pueden ser suficientes para desenvolverse durante un viaje? ¿Posees las bases de vocabulario que aprendiste hace algún tiempo pero necesitas practicar? Gracias a este método, necesitarás solamente 10 minutos al día durante dos meses para aprender 600 palabras y frases en inglés.Aprende el 20% de vocabulario que te servirá en el 80% de los casos. Especialízate en diferentes temas (viajes, deporte, trabajo, informática, etc) o prepárate para obtener los certificados ESOL, TOEFL y TOEIC. Mosalingua se adapta a tu tiempo y a tus dificultades con sesiones de revisión variadas y gracias a una planificación de aprendizaje basado en tus respuestas.CONTENIDO: ► 3.000 tarjetas de aprendizaje seleccionadas que incluyen palabras y frases en inglés. ► Voces de nativos en las tarjetas de aprendizaje y en los diálogos. ► 14 categorías que incluyen vocabulario indispensable relacionado con alojamiento, transporte, turismo, compras, social, informática, urgencia, etc. ► 10 niveles de dificultad desde el básico hasta el especializado. ► 37 diálogos en diferentes situaciones comunes y durante un viaje. ► Lecciones y consejos que te motivarán a seguir aprendiendo. ► Más de 100 bonificaciones que desbloquearás durante tu progresión. ► Posibilidad de agregar tus propias tarjetas en la aplicaciónAPRENDE EL 20% DEL VOCABULARIO QUE TE GARANTIZARÁ UN 80% DE RESULTADOS: ► Aprenderás las palabras más útiles y simples para hablar inglés. ► Memorizarás un vocabulario práctico y especializado.MÉTODO DE APRENDIZAJE MUY PRÁCTICO. El método de MosaLingua está basado en el Sistema de Repetición por Espacios (Spaced Repetition System) : la aplicación ha sido creada teniendo en cuenta los resultados de varios años de investigación científica. Para saber más sobre este método visita ► Calcula las tarjetas de aprendizaje que vas aprendiendo en función de tus dificultades y para asegurarte una memorización duradera. ► No perderás tiempo. Aprovecha tu tiempo dedicándote a las tareas útiles y pasa menos tiempo en las tareas difíciles. ► Se adapta a tus dificultades y a tu ritmo. ► Ejercita tu capacidad de memoria visual y auditiva. ► Te ayuda a desarrollar un aprendizaje duradero en tu memoria de largo plazo.APRENDIZAJE EN TU MÓVIL ► Sesiones de aprendizaje variable según tu tiempo libre. Puedes practicar las tarjetas aprendidas dedicando de 2 a 30 minutos. ► Se adapta automáticamente a tu ritmo y a tus dificultades. ► Puedes parar las sesiones de aprendizaje y retomarlas en cualquier momento. ► No necesitas conexión a internet.APRENDE MIENTRAS TE DIVIERTES ► Ganarás bonos a medida que aumenta tu progresión en el aprendizaje (diálogos, chistes, informaciones insólitas, proverbios y consejos). ► Los diálogos se basan en situaciones reales, por lo que serán muy útiles para tus viajes. ► La rapidez con la que memorizarás nuevas palabras te motivará a aprender más y más. ► Las estadísticas de tu aprendizaje te ayudarán a conocer tu progreso y a seguir motivado.MosaLingua sigue en constante evolución. Si necesitas ayuda o tienes sugerencias sobre nuestro trabajo, puedes contactarnos por medio del enlace de servicio al cliente. ¡Estaremos encantados de atenderte!Todo este contenido está incluido en la aplicación, y por lo tanto, no tiene costes añadidos.
"Cool little app that allows kids to build their own 3d block creations...” Shayna, “...Super nice 3d building blocks app. simple to use allows creativity to flow in our little builders...” Michel, "Parents have commented on how artistic it allows kids to be, incredibly responsive controls"**Downloaded more than 2 million times on iOS and Android in Creativity and Education categories**Blox 3D is a fun and easy way for kids to learn 3D modelling. Create beautiful objects in a simple and intuitive manner using tap and double tap to delete. Add animated objects like gears,propellers and wheels to make them come alive. Blox 3D has been designed to develop children's creativity and visualization skills.*Designed for 5-8 yrs. age group,intuitive controls and simple menu. *Turntable mode rotates and builds 3D models as a teaching tool. *No IAPs, No Ads and NO TRACKING. *No sounds, flashy animations or distracting pop-ups. *Sharing functionality so kids can create and share turntable movies of their creations.
Blox 3D app review: a kid's guide to 3D modelling
Create amazing cities with buildings,cars, roads and people!Blox 3D City lets kids create cities and towns with simple taps, from busy metros to sleepy towns and rain-swept plazas. Add cars,trucks,roads and people to watch your world come alive. People walk into buildings, cops chase robbers and trains chug through the night. Planes and helicopters roam the sky as boats skim through water.*Designed to develop children's creativity with hours of city building fun. *The worlds can be as simple as a tiny village or a teeming's the limit. *Control the weather and lighting to change time of day or setting with night,day and rain environments. *No sounds, distracting animations or virtual currency..just pure creative fun.Based on the bestselling apps Blox 3D World and Blox 3D Junior which have collectively been downloaded more than 500,000 times since last year,Blox 3D City Creator is the latest in a series which has been featured on Itunes in 17 different countries.
Wilsonic is your portal to new musical universes. Ervin Wilson's 65 years of tuning research and discovery are now at your fingertips. By touching, hearing, and feeling Wilson's designs you can intuitively break free of the limits of the 12 note scale used by historical musical instruments such as the piano and guitar to pioneer new music never-before heard by mankind.No previous knowledge of music theory is required. These tonal worlds are based on an entirely unique mode of thought that has little to do with historical musical thinking. The app features Wilson's most profound scale designs. Your hands and ears naturally find new melodic patterns and harmonies that touch on those feelings and emotions you couldn't find before. When you find that perfect scale export it as a Scala file to tune up your favorite software synthesizers. Share your favorite scales with your friends. This version of Wilsonic has the scales "Moments Of Symmetry", Co-Prime Grid, Tetrany Major, Hexany, Tetrany Minor, Mandala (Hexany Stellate), Tetradic Diamond, Hexany Diamond, Aggregate Rotations of Euler Genus 4, Eikosany, Partch 43, Harmonic Spiral, Highland Bagpipes, and Recurrence Relations.Wilsonic is Audiobus 2.3.x compatible.